Exhibitor Table and Booth Frequently Asked Questions

– How do I become an Exhibitor at Minnesota Fanfest?

You can become an Exhibitor at Minnesota Fanfest by filling out the Exhibitor application.

– I’ve submitted my application, when will I hear something?

Minnesota Fanfest will be in contact within two weeks of receiving your application.

– When will I get my placement for Minnesota Fan Fest 2017?

Minnesota Fanfest must have its floor plan approved prior to placing exhibitors and artists into their slot and this can take some time. We will have more information regarding placement as soon as possible.

– I have an Artist Alley Table and I’ll be selling my own work, but can I sell someone else’s work too?

No third-party selling. Artist Alley Tables allow for the sale of items created or produced by the artist. Artist Alley Tables do not allow for the sale of mass produced work that the artist is not involved in (such as bringing in one’s old Spider-Man collection unless that artist worked on Spider-Man).

– I need tax and licensing information, where can I find that?

Tax and Licensing information can be found on our website by clicking HERE.

 -I need to access the dock in the morning to restock.  Can I do that?

Only with prior approval by the Exhibitor Hall Manager, Exhibitors are limited to 15 minutes on the dock.

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